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A melodic Yoga class founded in the classical Indian tradition of Hatha Yoga, this class brings together principles of Iyengar and Vinyasa styles. Focus is placed on the idea of breathing into the body during proper body alignment, moving rhythmically through a Yoga flow, and targeting Core muscles to sculpt a long, lean Yoga Body. This is an open level class suitable for those new to Yoga, as well as, advanced level students.  Group Lessons and Private Training available. -Available to teach at health & fitness establishments.

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Benefits: Increased Flexibility & Mobility, Enhanced Central Nervous System & Thyroid Function, Increased Breath Capacity, Full Internal Body Massage, Body & Mind Detoxification, Overall Muscle Tone & Strength, Peace of Mind, A Healthy Back, Lubrication within Joints, Ligaments, & Tendons, Weight Loss Benefits using poses geared to enhancing the bodyís metabolism

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Hatha Yoga :: Basic sequence focusing on proper body alignment

Strike a Pose! :: Breathe into your body while holding the poses

Freestyle Flow :: Poses set to a slow flow to develop Cardio endurance

Shakti Sculpt :: Poses to target and tone Gutts & Butts, Biís & Triís

Blissful & Blessed :: Svasana...complete guided relaxation of the body


Breathe Your Body Beautiful...
DANCE Your Body FIT!

Breathe Your Body Beautiful...
DANCE Your Body FIT!

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