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Breathe Your Body Beautiful...
DANCE Your Body FIT!

Welcome to LotusVibe.com,

This website is geared towards all those seeking to cultivate a healthier lifestyle through living a better everyday life.  We offer fitness classes, massage services, and products to enhance an everyday lifestyle. All of our classes are taught at remote locations throughout Colorado and Long Island, NY.


What we offer:

Yoga Freestyle:  classes in Hatha Yoga with a melodic approach

Dance Fitness:  classes in Zumba Fitness, Mambo Cardio, and Salsa On2

BodyWork:  Massages Services and Reiki

The Lotus Shoppe:  Products with a Latin, Dance, Yoga, Christian, Glamour Girl, and Health & Wellness influence


I encourage you to Breath Your Body Beautiful and DANCE Your Body FIT!..take care of your body and it will take care of you.

May you be blessed with healthy thoughts and a renewed motivation for living your life better,



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Breathe Your Body Beautiful...
DANCE Your Body FIT!

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