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Mambo Cardio


Salsa On2

Step On It!

Mambo Cardio

Mambo Cardio is a dance inspired fitness class based on creative body movement through Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Afro-Cuban, and House rhythms.  This class will make your spirit move & groove. Set to Latin Beats this class will make you sweat, smile, and find the rhythm deep inside your soul. We laugh and have fun...we explore what our bodies can do to the beat of the latin drum. You come into the class 'a student' you leave 'a dancer'. Hip Moves, Footwork, Pretty Upper Body Movement, Total Body Rhythm...often times you'll here me say "Give Me Some Sugar!"...that means we work the floor like we own it.

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If you've mastered the basics of Mambo Cardio, why not give Zumba a try. The Ultimate in Latin Dance Fitness...Zumba brings the energy of Miami into your body. Group classes and private sessions available.

Available to teach at health & fitness establishments.  Currently Mambo Cardio is offered at Ladies Workout Express of West Hempstead, Long Island. 

Benefits: Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Heart Rate Health, Mind & Body Coordination, Lower Body Toning, Upper Body Styling

What You’ll Need: Indoor Sneakers or Dance Sneakers.  To purchase your Dance Sneakers, click here.

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Zumba Fitness

It's Fun! It's a Party! It's Fitness!...It's ZUMBA! In a Zumba class you will experience a very dynamic, exciting, and powerful feeling as you flow and move through Latin & Exotic music flavors. The routines feature aerobic-style interval training, that can burn up to 600 calories in a single session, with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body...and guess what? you are dancing the whole time.


Listen to a sample of Zumba music...

With Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Calypso, Samba, Afro-Raga, Reggaetone, Bellydance, Tango, Flamenco, and even Hip-Hop you will never get bored and your workout will be explosive and empowering each and every single time. This soulful art of Zumba gives you fun and fitness in one complete workout. It's gives you that 'feel good' Zumba buzz that will flow through your mind, body, and spirit. Zumba is designed for everyone...from the beginner to the advanced, all ages, all sizes. While all classes are open to all students, each class at Lotus Vibe is unique.  

If would like to learn more about the Zumba Story, its Creator, Beto, and the Superstars of Zumba and Zumbando con Kellogs, visit Zumba.com.

Benefits: Weight Loss/Burn Fat/up to 600 calories burned-Interval Aerobic Training, Heart Rate Health, Mind & Body Coordination, Lower Body & Upper Body Toning

What You’ll Need: Athletic Sneakers - with shock absorption and lateral support

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Zumba Classes

Zumba Basics :: Power Zumba :: ZumbaBody! :: ZumbaKidz :: ZumbaTeenz

Zumba Basics: This is a beginner Zumba class featuring all the key dance styles, steps and combinations. It is instructional, smooth, a workout unto itself and an easy way to get fit.

Power Zumba: This is a firey advanced Zumba class merging together your body with power of the Zumba Beat. With a fusion of dance styles, steps, and HOT choreography, Zumba will make you sweat and dance your body into a GET FIT! Frenzy.

ZumbaBody!: Tone your body...lean and long with Zumba flavor. Incorporating the Zumba style & rhythms with a Yoga foundation this class aims to tone the upper and lower body (Calves, Legs, Buttocks, Abs, Arms, Chest, Back). From hip openers to flatten your tummy moves, this class is a wonderful addition to your Zumba routine. It will not only help to develop a well-toned body but it will enhance your body in motion as you become more fluid exclusively in the hip, rib-cage, and shoulder regions.

ZumbaKidz: You guessed it! A class dedicated to our young crowd. From ages 5-8, this class instills from an early age on the importance of an active lifestyle. Hand, Eye, and Body Coordination will be enhanced through visual instruction, dance, and freedom of expression to create their own moves. The class will feature a Zumba Show...so our young Zumba kids can showcase their moves.

ZumbaTeenz: Again, we incorporate the power of dance & fun for our soon to be teens, ages 9-12. The class is hip-hop funky with a touch of salsa, merengue, cumbia, of course...Reggaetone.

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Salsa On2

From the nightclubs of New York, with every hint of Puerto Rican culture dancing Salsa is within your reach.  Salsa On2 is a unique NY Style Salsa that is mambo inspired.  It unites the Beat with Your Body.  This class covers rhythm and timing with basic foundation steps, ladies styling, turns, fancy footwork, and partnering. No partner needed, beginners most certainly welcome.

Listen to a sample of Salsa music...

Benefits: Lower Body Toning, Upper Body Grace & Flexibility, Mid Section Toning, Overall Body Balance & Posture, Coordination

What You’ll Need: Dance Sneakers or Ballroom Shoes.  To purchase your Dance Sneakers or Shoes, click here.

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Step On It!

Step On It! is a basic step class that teaches you the foundation of the step and how to work your  body around it so that you can master 'stepping on it!".  Classes start out very basic and progress with time.  Of course, the music is HOT! and this is a great class for the beginning stepper.  Currently Step On It! is offered at Ladies Workout Express of West Hempstead, Long Island, effective 5/1/05. 

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